Listening Room


After investing a lot in equipment, shouldn’t you get the most out of your listening room? Unfortunately, most people don’t. After researching and purchasing very good and often state of the art equipment the room is ignored. This is very unfortunate, because the room is often the most important factor in achieving good quality sound.


We specialize in small room acoustics (less than 10,000 cubic feet), and we use an engineering company with over 30 years of experience in architectural acoustics engineering and design. Everything from noise control, sound isolation, and environmental acoustics to the interior acoustics must be considered. They have designed rooms from New York to Singapore and can improve the sound of virtually any listening room. In fact, their designs will make a more dramatic change in your system than any upgrade at a similar and often much higher price. They design rooms for home theaters as well as 2 channel audio on both a domestic and international basis. However, in all cases the primary goal remains the same: to achieve the best sonic results. There are three levels of construction that are available: Entry. Custom, Ultimate.


At all three levels our priority is to develop an acoustically rewarding change in the listening environment while keeping in mind any constraints our client may have, such as square footage available, existing structures, aesthetics, and overall cost. We understand that the best acoustical solution may be impractical for some. And what is practical for one customer may not be practical for another. Even at the entry level we take into consideration the customers individual needs. At the higher levels we work through more constraints and more options.


Isn’t it time to invest in your listening room and get the most out of your system?