Home Theater

home theater display
Home theaters are a dedicated space, devoted to the best possible reproduction of picture and sound. It is a room with a door that can be closed to ‘seal it off’ from the rest of the home. Since this room is not serving double duty as a Family Room, Living Room, etc., it can be optimized in many ways that serve the goal of delivering the ultimate home entertainment experience.
Home theater optimizations may include:

  • A large video display located at the correct viewing height and at the optimal distance from the seats
  • Acoustic Wall Treatments
  • Two rows of dedicated home theater seats/sofas
  • 12” high rear seating stage
  • Ability to darken the room to pitch black or nearly so
  • Lighting design specific to the needs of watching movies
  • Speakers located at precisely the best locations for accurate playback of multi-channel soundtracks.

Often a home theater’s dimensions are carefully calculated, too, as certain room dimension ratios (length, height, width) help better bass reproduction. When done right, the audio and video performance in such a room is simply stunning (if you are in the St. Louis, MO area and would like a demo of such a home theater, give us a call at 636-677-9855 and we’ll arrange a demonstration).