We Specialize In

The proper design and construction of private home theaters.

We also offer upgrades and repairs of customer owned theater and media rooms.

About Home Theater Design and Construction

Home Theaters often fall short of their potential. The sound will not be optimized for the room, nor will the visual experience be maximized.

A great home theater should not only sound fantastic and provide a stunning on-screen presentation but have an inviting ambiance and visual appeal that leaves you with a sense of wow!

No matter how expensive or wonderful your current audio system, the single most important element for great sound is your room’s acoustics, and the integration of all the components with the room.

Even the world’s most respected speaker designers, who have everything to be gained by selling you new speakers, will advise you to that the sound they reproduce is inseparable from the room and the setup within the room.

It makes no sense to spend your entire budget on the latest and greatest equipment and leave your room’s acoustics to chance.

Early decisions have a dramatic impact on the performance of the Home Theater systems. Preliminary analysis of the room should be performed, integrated and coordinated with the interior design before wall surfaces; speaker choices and speaker/seating locations are projected.

Matching the correct projector and screen type or display technology for its environment must be considered. Proper screen size, viewing distance and angles, as well as ambient lighting and room color considerations are all critical factors that must be well thought out for the optimum viewing experience.

Sound transmission control in and out of the theatre should be incorporated from the beginning. We want to keep outside noise out of the room and theater sound in, using the correct products for the job and the proper design and construction techniques.